Tuesday, 2 October 2012


A song of lamentation

Come quickly back home, your mother is waiting; I your sister I'm waiting, your meal is getting cold. Fear is driving us cold, no one is going to eat; no one is taking your seat, until you come back home and never again, leave home.

Task: Make up a tune for this song.

Who do you think is singing this song and why?

Do you think this child ever returned home?

What damage do you think was done to this family as a result of losing their beloved child?

 A song of lamentation

A kidnapped child suffered one of four fates

·Taken on a Trans- Saharan route to North Africa to be sold in the slave market bound for the Mediterranean

· Taken to other parts of Africa to be used as domestic slave

·Taken to other parts of Africa to be employed on the land

·Taken to West African Trading posts to be sold to European Slave Traders bound for the West Indies, America or Brazil

Task: Imagine being separated from your family in a strange land. You have five minutes to write down as many feeling words as you can think of.

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