Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Transatlantic Slave Trade

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  Transatlantic Slave Trade: Quick facts
·1441 - The Portuguese begin the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

·1562 - Britain joins the Transatlantic Slave Trade and becomes the biggest transporter of slaves from the West African coast.

·Slaves are sold as chattels of their owners.

·Slaves have no rights to vote, enter any profession, hold public office, monies made from any enterprise belonged to their owner and could be taken off them if discovered.

·1730 - About 90% of Jamaica's population are of African origin.

·1780 - People begin to campaign against the slave trade.

·1807 - The British parliament abolishes slave trade.

·1833 - Britain abolishes slave trade in its colonies.

·1834 - Jamaica gains emancipation from slavery.

·1860 - With few resources; life has not improved for most of the ex- slaves, they rely on their passed down skills which their ancestors learned from Africa.

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