Tuesday, 2 October 2012


You are the slave ship from Europe. You are being interviewed by The Atlantic News for your role in the slave trade.  Prepare your answers to the following questions. Include facts and figures from your research.
 It is claimed you played a prominent role in this trade, that:
·you transported millions of Africans to their death
·even though most of the slaves had never seen the sea, you tossed them about making them wish for death
·you stank so much, the slaves were ill most of the time
·that when they wanted death as a way out of their misery, your side nets stopped them from jumping into the sea
·that so many slaves were packed inside of you, they could only lie sideways or sit up straight during the journey
·at the end of the journey, the slaves were so traumatised, they were weak and exhausted, they had no fight left in them so had to yield to whatever the masters demanded.

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